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 One of the great pleasures in life 

is to commission an original portrait from an artist you trust. 

It’s even better if the portrait subject is your mentor, partner or loved one, knowing that you are making a huge contribution 

to their and their community’s vibrant legacy.


  The Trial Lawyer National Portrait Gallery 

not only delivers portraits to the highest level of artistic excellence, it also offers a prestigious, institutional context in which to preserve and celebrate your subject’s life and accomplishments.

“A Who’s Who of trial lawyers ………. remarkable, real-life attorneys who, throughout the years, have left their mark in the arena of civil rights and criminal justice.” - Tony Messina. AboveTheLaw.

Package Includes:

Original museum quality painting on stretched canvas, signed by the artist Trevor Goring and shipped to you. 


Certificate of authenticity.

Image published in the Trial Lawyer National Portrait Gallery with hyperlink to subject's website.
Original biographical sketch and You Tube video about the subject published in the gallery and on our You Tube channel. Personal insights and stories about the subject are welcomed by our editorial staff.

Up to three limited edition prints of the painting, individually packaged.

20 customized note-cards with envelopes 

Licensing options for high resolution scan of the portrait for use in marketing and social media.

Licensing options for use of time lapse video of creation of the painting.

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