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John Gomez

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John Gomez founded Gomez Trial Attorneys and currently serves as its Chief Executive Officer. As one of the nation's top trial attorneys, his priorities include his family and community leadership. He maintains high ethical standards in all aspects of life. Gomez grew up in a military family, relocating frequently as a child. This taught him to engage
diverse communities. He aspired to play college football but sustained a senior year injury, redirecting him academically. Gomez graduated magna cum laude from the University of San Diego, working multiple jobs to fund his education. He then attended Yale Law School. After clerking for Judge Marilyn Huff, Gomez joined Latham & Watkins, gaining litigation experience. However, he desired trying cases so returned to San Diego as a federal prosecutor, never losing a trial. Gomez solicited referrals from trusted judges, solely receiving a response from Craig McClellan, working as McClellan's associate for five years. In 2005, Gomez formed Gomez Trial Attorneys, hiring Amy Collins as his first employee. The firm grew exponentially as Gomez secured substantial trial wins.Gomez maintains prominence as one of the nation's top trial attorneys, arguing high-stakes cases and securing numerous multi-million dollar verdicts.

In the collection of Gomez Trial Attorneys, San Diego.

Peers consistently rank him among SanDiego's top attorneys.Gomez provides hands-on leadership at Gomez Trial Attorneys while prioritizing community involvement and family. He remains actively dedicated to pro bono work and various causes.

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