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Stephen M. Komie

Steve Komie is perhaps best known for his involvement in high-profile criminal and civil litigation matters and is highly regarded for his skill before judges and juries alike. Many of his acquittals have been widely reported in the news, including the celebrated trials of Shawn Dunn for mail and wire fraud, John Carroccia for murder, Brendan Nolan for sale and distribution of drugs, Casey Kalicki for incest, and Sandra Fabiano for child sexual abuse. His career has spanned over 38 years, during which he has represents thousands of ordinary persons, the clergy, and corporations before the courts of Illinois, the United States, and international tribunals. He is particularly known for his service as the International Bar Association NGO delegate to The Hague Convention on International Child Abduction.

Komie, Stephen M. 32" x 44". 2006. Collection of Komie and Associates. Chicago, IL. Portrait on canvas. Commissioned by the Komie Law Firm.

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