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18x18 painted portrait of Themis.Saving Goddess. Ancient Greek.


SOTEIRA the Saving Goddess.


Themis reigns in Olympus as Divine Justice and Chief Assessor of all humanity. The rights of hospitality are under her protection and hence she defends the homeless and oppressed. Her parents are the Greek deities Uranus and Gaea. With Zeus, she mothered the Horae or seasons and the Morae or fates, who enforce her jurisdiction.


Themis makes only a few rare appearances in art history, but in each her presence and demeanor are striking. She is the charioteer on the north frieze of the Siphnian Treasury at Delphic. She holds bay branch and phiale in a red-figured cup from the 5th century B.C Her relaxed demeanor in the presence of the great God Zeus is only possible because she controls the Delphic Oracle, a powerful position in ancient Greece.

Themis. 18" x 18". 2012. Collection of the artist. Montreal, Canada.

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