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Twelve Angry Men. 24" x 34". 2013. Collection of Pat Arata. Arata Law Firm. Fort Wayne, IN.

12 Angry Men

A jury of twelve 'angry men' (male, middle-aged, white, and middle-class) are entrusted with the power to send a teenaged Puerto Rican boy to the electric chair for killing his father with a switchblade knife. Locked in a small, claustrophobic jury room on a stifling hot summer day, they deliberate the 'facts' in a seemingly open-and-shut murder trial case.

One brave dissenting juror votes 'not guilty' at the start of the deliberations because of his reasonable doubt and slowly one by one the other jurors reconsider and review the shaky case (and eyewitness testimony) against the defendant. Heated discussions engender changing opinions and reveal deep seated personal issues and prejudices until finally an unanimous verdict of not guilty is delivered.

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