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Enoch Woodhouse (1).jpg

Enoch "Woody" Woodhouse II

I only ever met Enoch Woodhouse II once, in Philadelphia, where he was attending a Tuskegee Airman’s convention and naturally crossed over to join his trial lawyer colleagues whose convention was running simultaneously. He was magnetic, fascinating, and great fun. Willingly sitting for the camera, he regaled me with stories of post-war Paris and pre-civil rights America. Courage and decency, honor and integrity shone from this man like a beacon. I placed him laughing in the face of adversity, the naked bulb referencing Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, attempting to capture his humble yet indomitable spirit.

Woodhouse, Enoch "Woody" II. 38" x 38" 2009 Collection of the artist. Montreal, Canada. Portrait on canvas.

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