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J.D Lee 

Born in 1929 J D Lee was licensed to practice law in Tennessee for over 65 years, as a Personal Injury lawyer in Knoxville having attended the University of Tennessee College of Law. and admitted to the bar in 1954. 


Believing it his duty to represent people from all walks of life. J.D. Lee applied principles of the laws and values of our judicial system to the individual needs of each of his clients.  


He specialized in personal injury, wrongful death, on the job injuries, defective products, and medical malpractice cases and in every stage of the case, the client's needs were always foremost is his thoughts. 


He was central to the Big Tobacco litigation cases and successfully sued the Islamic Republic of Iran in the US District Court , Southern District of New York,  for over 7 billion dollars for complicity in the 911 Terrorist attacks. 


.J.D. Lee believes the application of his expertise in the courtroom upholds the rights of those individuals who have been injured and victimized in events resulting in death or significant insult to body and the quality of life.  


J.D Lee. Original painting 2019. Collection of the artist.

In his own words: 


The process of obtaining just and fair compensation for personal loss involves more than a monetary recovery. Personal recovery is required to complete the process... whether it be for property lost, a personal injury to be lived with, or the loss of a loved one. 

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