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Jim Pauline Montgomery (1).jpg

James and Pauline Montgomery

In the summer of 2010, the International Academy of Trial Lawyers was traveling in Ireland and I was with them. While enjoying an elegant afternoon tea in the magnificent Adare manor, I was unexpectedly joined by Pauline Montgomery, whose quiet charm and gracious manner immediately put me at ease. That evening, I dined with Pauline and Jim and we agreed to meet in Dublin for a photo shoot. Later in the year, I stayed with them in their exquisite Chicago Southside mansion and planned the final stages of their full length portrait. Positioned to emphasize their shared unflagging strength and devotion, the background captures the formal elegance of their dining room whilst revealing a glimpse of the casual, sun-drenched lounge beyond.

Montgomery, James and Pauline. 24" x 32". 2011. Collection of James and Pauline Montgomery. Chicago, IL.

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