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TLNPG inductee and founder of Romano Law Group John Romano seated infront of Trojan Horse Seminar logo and an areal view of Florida

Former  Captain  and  J.A.G  Officer  with  the  US  Marine  Corps, John  Romano  is  the  founding  partner  of  the  Romano  Law Group,  FL,  successfully  litigating  all  manner  of  civil  and criminal  cases.  A  highly  sought  after  speaker  with  over  500 lectures  delivered  across  the  nation  and  over  100  articles published  in  legal  journals  he  is  widely  honoured  and recognized  as  one  of  the  great  leaders  and  educators  in  the field  of  courtroom  litigation.


A  civil  trial  advocate  board-certified  by  the  Florida  Bar  and the  National  Board  of  Trial  Advocacy,  as  well  as  the American  Board  of  Professional  Liability  Attorneys,  Romano  is also  a  member  of  the  Taos  Group,  an  association  of prominent  trial  attorneys  from  around  the  country  who  work together  to  better  serve  the  needs  of  their  clients.  

  John  F.  Romano 

Collection of the artist. Montreal, Canada. Portrait on canvas.

Romano  has  successfully  litigated  to  verdict  nearly  every  type  of civil  and  criminal  case,  including  those  involving  failure  to diagnose cancer,  product  defects,  drug  and  vaccine  defect litigation,  libel  and  slander,  vehicular  collisions,  personal  injury, murder,  armed robbery  and  wrongful  denial  of  health  insurance benefits.   

A  graduate  of  Cardinal  Newman  High  School  in  West  Palm Beach  he  accepted  a  football  scholarship  from  Florida  State University and  went  on  to  attend  law  school  at  South  Texas College  of  Law  in  Houston,  receiving  his  Juris  Doctor  degree in 1973. Romano returned to Florida to work at the  law  firm of  Cone, Wagner, Nugent, Johnson  &  McKeown,  and  later formed the Palm Beach County  law  firm  of  Romano,  Eriksen  & Cronin.  

In  2007,  the  firm  became  Romano  Law  Group.  With nearly  40  years  in  law practice,  he  has  held  numerous positions  in  national  law organizations  and  has  been recognized  for  his  contributions  to  the  field  of law  in  Florida. One  of  John’s  greatest  legacies  is  Romano  Law Group’s environmentally  responsible  EcoCentre.  Florida’s  first  “living” office  building. 

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