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Michael F. Colley

Michael Colley was one of my very first collectors in the US and became a friend, inviting me to speak in Paris when he was President of The American Board of Trial Advocates in 1997. My lecture topic was the history of law as seen in the art collections of Paris and it was subsequently published with full color illustrations in their magazine Voire Dire. When Michael increasingly struggled with Parkinson’s, I visited him in Columbus, OH, and gathered material for his portrait. He is pictured beaming with his boyish enthusiasm, the sharpest of wit just beneath the surface. The Republican elephant stands beneath the scales of justice, framed by the Bill of Rights that Michael defended so passionately throughout his career.

Colley, Michael F. 30" x 34". 2009. Collection of Colley Shroyer and Abraham. Columbus, OH. Portrait on canvas. Commissioned by Colley Shroyer Abraham.

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