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S. Victor Tipton.

Founder and first editor-in-chief of the Florida Justice Association's Journal, S. Victor Tipton, a legendary individual within the FJA, created the Journal for the newly organized Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers in 1961 and then stood firmly at its helm for 40 years, stepping down only when into his 90s. The Cases & Commentaries column was one of Victor’s special legacies. 

The S. Victor Tipton Award is awarded for superior achievement in legal writing. This award is given in honor of S. Victor Tipton, Founder and Editor of the FJA’s Journal. Tipton was a founding member and former President of the Florida Justice Association®. Since its inception as The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers, Tipton was a valuable voice and guiding spirit for the FJA.

Original painting 2021 In the private collection of the Florida Justice Association

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