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The Champions of Justice Collection 

This collection features paintings of inductees to the Trial Lawyer Hall of Fame located at Temple University's Beasley School of Law in Philadelphia. An initiative of The Trial Lawyer magazine in 2009, the Hall of Fame recognizes and honors those who have dedicated a lifetime's commitment to serving the American public and the Constitution whilst tirelessly defending the right to trial by jury.

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john Adams

John Adams

A lawyer, author, statesman, diplomat and leader of American Independence. First Vice President and Second President of the United States, he was devoted to the right to counsel and the protection of innocence.

Adams John historical.jpg
Fred Baron

Fred Baron (1947 - 2008)

His career was dedicated to protecting workers' rights in a myriad of industries.

Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 3.05.48 PM.png
Melvin Belli
Melvin Bellii  thumbnail.jpg

Melvin Belli (1907 - 1996)

The King Of Torts, he was a celebrated trial attorney who pioneered the use of demonstrative evidence and expert witnesses in civil cases.

bobby lee cook

Bobby Lee Cook

A fiery, folksy criminal defense attorney from Summerville, GA, he is reputed to have been the inspiration for the television series Matlock.

Cook Bobby Lee  thumbnail contemporary.j
Philip Harnett Corboy
Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 9.17.27 AM.png

Philip Harnett Corboy (1924 - 2012)

He transformed the practice of personal injury law and acted as mentor to at least two generations of the leading trial lawyers in the country.

Clarence Darrow

Clarence Darrow (1857 – 1938)

Probably the most famous and revered trial lawyer and civil libertarian in American history. A theologian, poet and great wit who passionately opposed capital punishment.

Clarence Darrow.jpg
Percy Foreman
Percy Foreman thumbnail.jpg

Percy Foreman (1902 - 1988)

Foreman was a legendary figure in the courtroom, with the characteristics of lawyers memorialized in 40s and 50s black and white movies.

RIchard Racehorse Haynes

Richard "Racehorse" Haynes (1927-)

A Flamboyant Texas criminal defense attorney who was decorated for heroism at Iwo Jima. 

RRHaynes  thumbnail.jpg
William Kunstler
William Kunstler thumbnail.jpg

William Kunstler (1919 - 1995)

A self-proclaimed radical civil rights attorney dedicated to defending the socially marginalized and calling out the irony of a discriminatory legal system.

Fred Levin

Fred Levin

A pioneering and often controversial lawyer waging a relentless fight for justice against big companies. 

Belva Ann Lockwood
Lockwood Belva Anne  thumbnail.jpg

Belva Ann Lockwood (1830 – 1917)

An attorney, author, educator, politician, and forerunner of gender equality in jurisprudence, the legal system, and education.

Thurgood Marshall

Thurgood Marshall (1908 - 1993)

An extraordinary civil rights attorney, Solicitor General, and the first African American Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

Thurgood Marshall 2 thumbnail.jpg
James & Pauline Montgomery
Jim Pauline Montgomery  thumbnail contem

James and Pauline Montgomery

A prominent Chicago trial lawyer, James Montgomery and his wife Pauline practice and manage their firm to represent clients in both criminal and civil-rights cases.

Ron Motley

Ron Motley (1944 – 2013)

Bold in the face of mass social injustice, he was renowned for leading large-scale lawsuits on critical social and environment issues.

Ron Motley.jpg
Perry Nichols
Perry Nichols.jpg

Perry Nichols (1915 - 1983)

Perry Nichols was a Miami trial lawyer who founded what is today the Florida Justice Association.

Earl Rogers

Earl Rogers (1869 – 1922)

California criminal defense lawyer extraordinaire and professor of medical jurisprudence, he inspired the titular character of the 1957 legal drama Perry Mason.

Rogers Earl  thumbnail.jpg
Christian D. Searcy
Chris Searcy  thumbnail contemporary.jpg

Christian D. Searcy

A powerful, compassionate, inspirational litigator of cases primarily involving catastrophic injury and death throughout Florida. 

Edwards B. Williams

Edward B. Williams (1920 - 1988)

His courtroom tactics were legendary and lawyers, reporters and even other clients often sat in to watch Williams try a case. 

Edward Bennett Williams thumbnail.jpg
Steve Yerrid
Steve yerrid  thumbnail contemporary.jpg

Steve Yerrid

He has been repeatedly acknowledged as one of America’s top trial lawyers, demonstrating unwavering commitment to justice and the people it serves. 

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